Bernardine Cemetery

Address: Žvirgždyno g. 3, Vilnius 01205

We Lithuanians take death very seriously. We mourn and wail the deceased (in other words, play and sing very very sad songs for a very very long time) and celebrate not Halloween, but Vėlinės (All Souls Day)- when we commemorate those departed in a much more reserved fashion, without costumes or candy. And zombies… Well, they simply do not exist in Lithuania. Albeit on the outer part of the gate to the Bernardine Cemetery hangs a memorial plaque with a somewhat ambiguous inscription “Non omnis moriar” (“Not all of me will die”). But do not worry, this territory has been popular with strollers ever since the XIX c. and even then the cemetery was already somewhat more reminiscent of a park. Some of its livelihood is also due to the city, with its cafes and the hustle and bustle, being only a few steps away. So you can feel at ease roaming its paths while reading through the inscriptions that have not yet faded or been renewed. Do you think you can find the grave of the very first person to be buried here- Antanas Skimborovičius? Whi-le you are on the mission, take a look at the small oratory dedicated to commemorating the cemetery’s date of esta-blishment, and the columbarium, into which niches coffins used to be entombed. In 1827, a chapel was built, with a crypt containing catacombs in its basement. However, we do not recommend you pry there. No, not because of zom-bies- because of safety. Instead, try counting how many angels you can spot in this cemetery. And then, proceed anot-her 900 steps towards the guardian Angel of Užupis.

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