Lithuanian Culinary Traditions of the Renaissance period

Sep 27 - Oct 30

Lithuanian noblemen, traveling to foreign lands, would bring back new fashions to Vilnius. And we are not talking only about clothing or architecture, but also gastronomical discoveries. Throughout Vilnius manors, noblemen and rulers spread cuisine trends, already popular around Europe. The Renaissance also presented the Lithuanian noblemen with professional chefs, whose task was not only to feed the whole manor or palace, but also to cook up something special. No less new was personal cutlery. Along with the Renaissance, came Italian dishes adapted to the local flavor: baked flour goods, stuffed pies and desserts. Although baked goods were not so big of a change; eating raw vegetables was. Until then, it was thought that only cooked vegetables could be eaten, and raw ones were only suitable for animals. And so, with the new baked goods and fresh vegetables, grew the variety of cooking methods. Feasted like the Renaissance noblemen at lunch? Get some exercise walking along the banks of Vilnius rivers.

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