Church of St. Peter and St. Paul

Address: Antakalnio g. 1, Vilnius 10312

The splendor of the church is evident in its spacious white interior. The amount of ornaments and adornments is overwhelming. Some say over 2000 decor elements can be found here. I can not tell you who counted, but try seeing how many you can spot yourself. Or you can try reading into the works of art! They make for a true encyclopedia of saints. Each composition hides a story of one. And, upon leaving, you will be seen out by the reaper itself, illustrating the famous baroque practice of “Memento Mori” (“Remember you must die”). Another interesting fact- buried here is the church funder Michal Kazimierz Pac. His grave, found in a basement underneath the doorstep of the church, was covered with a tombstone, marked with a Latin inscription that translates to “Here lies a sinner”. It is jokingly said that there sure must have been a bunch of sins, since in the XVIII c., a lightning fractured the tombstone, which is now displayed on the right side of the entrance. One could not accuse Pac of humbleness- there’s another inscription to remind us of him. Looking at the church facade, you will see an image of the Virgin Mary standing on a pile of military ammunition, with a multiple meaning bearing inscription “Regina Pacis funds not art pace” (“Queen of Peace, protect us in peace”). Pacis and pace not only remind us the Pac surname, but also send a meaningful message to the then war devastated and peace yearning Lithuania. Want to send a message of your own to the universe? Take a walk of 2000 steps towards the Miracle (Stebuklas) Tile.

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