A Journey Around the Riverbanks of the Neris

Address: Neris

Oh, my! The Neris river winds around the woods as if a luxurious ribbon around a gift, exchanging salutes with its banks and bordering meadows. The song of the stream corresponding to the hum of the forest. What a majestic and beautiful route. Even during the winter you will find thousands of scents to tickle your nose, fresh air to please your lungs, and the quiet murmur of nature to chase away those thoughts about work. Always vigorously charging ahead, one moment it is greeting Verkiai palace, the next- Trinapolis Church perched on its side. A quick greeting, and off to Antakalnis. Here, the river calms down for a while, caressing its strands, where one can take a dip during the summer or watch chunks of ice racing down the stream during winter. And once the river has had its little rest, it flows into the cen-tre of Vilnius, admiring Gediminas Castle, and the Mindaugas, Žvėrynas and White bridges. Here, it’s surface gets speckled with kayaking locals and visitors, fishermen and reflections of those strolling or running along its banks. Join them- whether by foot, in a kayak or a rowboat, or any other means of transportation- on this journey with Neris itself. It is not a short journey, but the time will fly by. And afterwards, why not take a rest next to Vilnelė river, which flows into Neris at the foot of Gediminas Castle Hill, near Mindaugas bridge.

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