Around the Bends of Vilnelė

Address: Vilnele

Here, poets write their lines, giggling children chase ducks and blushing lovers go on dates. We are talking about Vilnios River, one that gave the name to the capital. The citizens affectionately call it Vilnelė. Most choose to stroll around it in the very heart of the city- at the foot of the Gediminas Castle Hill, where Vilnelė flows into Neris. The river is winding, rocky and very strenuous, hence walking in the Bernardine Gardens, you are sure to hear its calming purl. And in order to get to Užupis, you will inevitably have to cross one of its narrower channel bridges. But there is a lot more to Vilnelė, than the section that runs through the city center. In fact, Vilnia meanders for a total of 21 km. It gives a lot of charm to the lively city, but is even more stunning at the outskirts of Vilnius- Pavilniai Regional Park. We have to admit, walk-ing here would be very interesting, but not entirely convenient. Therefore, we recommend you drive here, and then let the feet take you around. After all, there is so much to see here. The elegant river bends beautifully frame the far-reaching valleys, forests and the breathtaking Pučkoriai Outcrop.

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