Modern Lithuanian Culinary Traditions

Jul 01 - Jul 30

Today, food is a significant part of travel experience, so we will help you along in Vilnius. Yes, potato dishes are truly inseparable from our traditional cuisine. But this is a small part of the culinary heritage, as there are many other traditional dishes. One of which is bread. Dark rye, coarse and slightly sweet. A true Lithuanian bread has a crust on the outside, but inside, it is soft and moist. It may contain caraway, sunflower and hemp seeds. But even without the additives it is so delicious, that you can indulge in it on its own. And we have so many cheeses that it would be impossible to list them all, but a true summer hit is curd cheese with fresh honey. However, these products would hardly sum up our diet today. Today’s recipes have become a lot more complex and sophisticated, taking into account seasonal produce and their balancing. Local chefs, using produce grown by Lithuanian farmers, produce deliciously colorful masterpieces that provide flavor explosions in your mouth! The list of best places, prepared each year, can help you choose where to eat in Vilnius. And our advice is to sample, sample and sample. After all, you do not need to worry about calories- you will walk them all off along the streets of Vilnius.

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