The Bastion of the Vilnius Defensive Wall

Address: Bokšto g. 20, Vilnius 01126

Looking for a place to learn about the history of Vilnius as well as one to take a careless break on a bench or simply spread out on grass? Welcome to the city bastion, usually called Barbican by the locals. The fragment of the city’s defense system, shaped like a horse shoe, is right in the heart of the city- hence you can visit it without having to leave the hustle and bustle. There are tours, inviting you to descend into the underground cannon halls and the corridor that connects them, turning into a 48 meter tunnel. While outside you will be welcomed by Renaissance reminiscent defense architecture and a stunning city panorama. If you are lucky with the weather, it is highly likely that the hillside will be dotted with students, artists and generally high-spirited folks. You will find even more of them around Tymas Market at the foot of the hill. Visiting during the chilly season when the market is closed? Take a turn from the defense wall straight towards the Cathedral square, which is found within another 1700 jolly steps.

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