Pavilniai Regional Park

Address: Belmonto g., Vilnius 01206

A walk in a fairy tale- is how we would describe Pavilniai Park. As soon as you arrive, you will be able to look over the entire area from the 65 meter high Pučkoriai Outcrop. The landscape will take your breath away, so do not rush- sit back and enjoy it for as long as you wish. Making your way down, you will find a sundial, marking the place where a Stone Age camp was once set up. Albeit its function being rather symbolic, it notes the time rather precisely during July. Instead of a clock arm, there stands a wooden pillar with beautiful carvings by craftsmen, while the lawn, with its wooden seats marking hours, serves as the clock face. A short walk away, you can take a stroll by the river, examine the dam, the old manor and the water mill. Both the restored buildings and the derelict remains of the old walls will be more than enough to fuel your imagination. After all, the main character of this fairy tale is nature itself. Which fasci-nates the whole year round. With its humming birds and trees during the summer, fluttering and beautifully fragile leaves during autumn, carved ice paths on the river surface during the white, snow-capped winter and meadows full of flowers waking up in spring. Divine. And it does not have to end here. The next stop is Kairėnai Botanical Garden (the Botanical Garden of Vilnius University), where you shall be counting not pages read, but steps taken.

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