Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights

Address: Aukų g. 2A, Vilnius 01400

It is the only museum in the Baltic States, founded in the same building, within which, since 1940, all the way up to 1991, The Soviet repression institutions, NKVD and NKGB-MGB-KGB functioned. These letters mean nothing to you? You are a lucky person. These were not very pleasant organizations. In short, their aim was to preserve the Soviet Union, carry out complete surveillance of residents, spy abroad and, if necessary, to neutralize, control and pursue. We do not overestimate by saying that the building has retained the sense of the former owners “hospitality”. The inside interrogation-imprisonment premises remain in the basement, where Lithuanians that displeased the occupation authorities were kept. You can also get acquainted with the exposition, located in the former death sentence execution room. Ascending to the first floor, you will find documents, pictures, maps and other things telling about the Sovietization of the region in the detention center deputy’s office. On the second floor of the museum you can see a recreated telephone conversation surveillance room- exhibiting remaining listening equipment, furniture, and some interior details restored. We did warn you that this was not the most pleasant place- you may experience a few chills walking around. From the horror house, take a walk towards the home of peaceful souls. The Church Heritage Museum is located 2200 steps away.

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