Vingis Park

Address: Vingis Park

When life is boiling in the city, it’s good to have the quietly humming Vingis Park nearby. You are sure to find many ways to relax here. One day it’s extremely peaceful- so much that one can easily meditate on its lawn- and the other you find yourself dancing here, in the midst of flashing neon lights. During the day, both the young and the older gather here, as besides the winding forest paths, there are also cafes and plenty of amusement for the kids. This park is a favorite for the strollers, the bicycle riders, the roller-skaters and the skateboarders. As a matter of fact, the conditions make movement appealing even to the laziest ones: beautiful paths, clean air and all the necessary equipment for rent right here, next to the main stage. The stage itself, of course, gets plenty of attention, too. Located in the very center of the park, it hosts many concerts, events and celebrations. It was here, that the largest crowds of people welcomed Pope John Paul II as well as Lady Gaga. And the festivals! Yes, please. Not to mention “Fejerija” in the end of September, where the best Lithuanian and other world famous pyrotechnics present a show of fireworks and music. Visit Vingis Park anytime and delight in the growing number of steps taken.

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