The Bernardine Gardens

Address: B. Radvilaitės g. 8A, Vilnius 01143

Big cities are known to dazzle with skyscrapers, not forests- hence why they create green oases in the shape of parks and gardens. Vilnius is a truly green city, where man-made parks easily blend into natural reliefs. The Bernardine Gar-dens are located in the very heart of the city, at the junction of Gediminas Castle Hill, Vilnelė river and the Bernardine Monastery. It is small and cosy, while rich in plants, resounding laughs and entertainment. With plenty kinds of flowers, shrubs and trees- all well looked after and carefully marked, so that you always know what plant it is by glancing at an accompanying plaque. Can you find the oldest oak in Vilnius? We shall give you a hint- it is 1.5 m in diameter and looms in a corner of the park near a bridge. The tree, just like the park itself, has seen a lot, yet nevertheless welcomes visitors with pleasure. All that come will be welcomed by not only nature, but also playful fountains (one of which even flows to music), chess tables and a playground for the kids. Take a walk in the shade of trees, have a break on a bench or, during the summer, a lie down on the grass. Now, that’s what we call rest. And since rest is something one can never have enough of, head over to the next oasis- Vingis Park, found in 4000 steps.

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