Vilnius University Campus

Address: Universiteto g. 3, Vilnius 01513

It is said that most interesting things in a city are found when we get lost. We certainly suggest you do that, and Vilnius University Campus is our recommendation for it. The present Vilnius University Campus consists of 13 courtyards named after famous pupils and professors of its past. We challenge you to discover them all! One of them hides the St. John Bell Tower, which is the highest building in the Old Town. Be prepared to find it does not appear to be reaching the skies when looking from the outside, however the 45 meters, at which the viewpoint opens up to a city panorama, will be sufficient to take your breath away. Be sure not to miss the second floor. There you will find a Foucault pendulum which, swinging and gradually changing its position over the course of a day, proves that the Earth revolves around its axis. The University Library is not hard to find, albeit it will be easy to get lost within its publications. It houses over 5 million prints and old manuscripts. Probably the most valuable of which- an original of the Martynas Mažvydas Cate-chism. And from the golden thoughts acquired at the library, to the exhibit of, famously known as the Lithuanian gold, amber- 260 steps. Which is most likely considerably less than the amount of steps you have paced around the universi-ty campus, so please do proceed towards the Amber Museum.

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