The Old Arsenal

Address: Arsenalo g. 3, Vilnius 01143

The Old Arsenal building stands at the foot of the Gediminas Castle Hill. There is a fusion of very different polars to be found within: antique items that interact with future design ideas. Strange? Not at all! The Lithuanian National Museum is located here; which houses more than 4 thousand archaeological finds, that tell about both the history and the prehistory of the country. While your eyes travel from one object to another, you will be taken through different eras, lifestyles and ways of social stratification. The other side of the building is worth looking up at if you are visiting in late spring. The roof top terrace will be there to tell you a whole different story. Here you will see final year design course students defending their final works. You will not be able to access the assessments, but even from a distance, it will certainly be interesting to witness, how the future plans of youngsters are being determined atop a building that reverberates in echoes of the past. And do not hesitate to ascend to the top of hill- not only will you have a better view of the students, but also the whole of Vilnius city.

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