The National Opera and Ballet Theater

Address: A. Vienuolio g. 1, Vilnius 01104

Wherever you live, the language of art is international. You will be reassured of this at the National Opera and Ballet Theater. Stop by and let yourself be engulfed in a passionate ballet or seduced by the opera solos. And it is not only the breathtaking performances on the stage that are the charm of this place. You will discover many little bits of magic during intervals, too. Where? Exiting the hall, you will first be met by the stunning chandeliers. Then, follow the alluring scent of hot chocolate. The Vilnius Opera and Ballet Theater would not be the same without it. If you ask the very first barmaid of the First Opera and Ballet Theater, who has been working here for around 40 years, she will tell you that the hot chocolate contains chocolate, cream and… love and honesty. The dessert recipe has not changed for almost 40 years. There were attempts to infuse it with nuts and spices, but visitors did not want any additives- just the pure hot chocolate that has witnessed several generations grow up. And, after sitting back in the red chairs of the Opera and Ballet Hall and the enjoying the famous hot chocolate, you will be able to rack up the recommended 10,000 steps by taking a stroll around the Vilnius Defensive Wall Bastion. The 2700 steps of the path towards it will make for a good start.

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