The Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society

Address: Aušros Vartų g. 5, Vilnius 01304

We are giving you an invite to a date with music. Here, just as in life in general, you choose what suits your taste- classical or contemporary music, a symphonic, chamber or jazz concert. And why not take a blind date! Meet a good friend or melt away listening to a hero. After all, here, just as in life, possible dates are not limited to one. And they are all charming in their own right. We know that we all may sometimes find it difficult to understand the world, politics, finances, travel companions or even ourselves. But with music, it’s easy. It is either for us, or not. It helps establish a common language between different people. Finding it hard to believe? Come to the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society, and look at how many different people of different age, looks and interests gather in one concert. How many different personalities have chosen the same musical date. The symbolic history of this building itself is worthy of a novel. A Russian Empire engineer built it. However, it was precisely here, that in 1905 that the Great Seimas of Vilnius was summoned, demanding Lithuanian political autonomy for the very first time. And it was here, that in 1906 the first Lithuanian national opera, Birute by Mikas Petrauskas, was premiered. Meaning Lithuanian national identity flourished precisely where the cream of the Russian Empire was intended to seek leisure. Hmm… And while we are on the subject of cream, lets talk about desserts. Did you know that the best hot chocolate in Vilnius is made at the Opera and Ballet Theater? See for yourselves- 2500 steps will take you there.

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