Who does not wish for some miracles in life? This one is within a hand’s reach. Ok, feet. Head to the Cathedral square, and close to the bell tower you will find a very special little tile. The characters on it proclaim: “Stebuklas” (a miracle). Not a humble statement, huh? But have you ever seen another tile like this? And in such a place: within the heart of the city, beside angels? Trying to guess where it comes from and what its story is? The artist, Gintaras Umbrasas, says he wanted to create something you can not measure by money, centimeters or any other conventional measures. And people say it does help their wishes materialize. How does it work? Stand on the tile. Close your eyes. Make a wish and turn around, clockwise. Voila! The wish has traveled out into the universe. The miracle may happen right here and now, or it may take ten years. In fact, the author does not provide a miracle guarantee. However, let’s admit, sending a wish into the universe does increase the chances of it coming true, and the process itself brings about a bunch of positive emotions. Visiting during winter? Plenty more positive emotions await you during the Christmas season. You will find the capital engulfed in a beautiful Christmassy vibe and many winter festivities will be held right here in the Cathedral Square.

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