Church of St. Bernard

Address: Maironio g. 10, Vilnius 01124

We have noticed that this building often appears as a big brother, patiently watching over the crowds in awe of the petite gothic church of St. Anne. However, the Church of St. Francis from Assisi or put simply, St. Bernard, is no less interesting, while the true beauty of it hides within. According to the legend, sermons of the monks here would gather great crowds. If you do drop in, you shall witness that the legend is still alive within its walls. The parish of St. Bernard is remarkably large and strong. Here you will find an established chorus, a functioning library, volunteer gatherings and photography, painting and other visual arts exhibitions, as well as mass every Sunday held in sign language. In the attic, at the height of almost 17 meters, are held Bernardine music concerts, while in the church itself, music sounds not just during worship, but also during concert mass. During the Christmas season, you will also find a live crib, where kids are entertained by a donkey named Valentine and 3 lovely ewes. And, of course, the Bernardine Gardens are worth a visit anytime. Which are located so close that one would have no need to count the steps.

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