Let there be love! Secret, open, youthful, mature, forbidden or blessed! If there is one place where the shyest are not afraid and even the most cynic are eager to kiss, it is this tile. Take a good look at the apple- its heart shapes and inscriptions symbolize the Adam and Eve encounter in the Garden of Eden, hence becoming the eternal date destination for lovers in Vilnius. Luckily, albeit located in the city centre, the space is rather enclosed- providing some privacy for the love birds. Oh no! This is not the best part yet! For one, it is not packed with kissing tourists like, say, the lawn surrounding the Eiffel Tower- so you can kiss and take pictures as much you wish! And that, still, is not the best news! The best part is that you can come here on your own, too. Why not spend a little time surrounded by the good aura of lovers and wish yourself some love? Do visit another spot, also traditionally known to be a date corner in Vilnius- The Boy with a Shoe (or the Romain Gary Statue). These two love dedicated sites are 950 steps apart.

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