St. Casimir Church

Address: Didžioji g. 34, Vilnius 01128

We don’t mean to brag, but St. Casimir church certainly is one of the most impressive baroque monuments in Vilnius. Why? Because this charmingly colored church boasts a royal crown. According to the legend, the cornerstone, which is still seen within the facade wall, has been rolled into the city center from Antakalnis by 700 people. 700 people! Can you imagine, what it must have taken to gather all of them without the help of social media or even phones? There are other intricacies, too. In 1991, a XVII c. crypt with unique wall drawings was discovered underneath the great altar. It is speculated that Jesuits and other church beneficiaries may have been buried there. We bet that one would get goose bumps even thinking about this when inside the church. And now? Now, angelic voices reverberate inside. Of course, not those of the divine, but nevertheless divinely beautiful. And from the classicism of the St. Casimir church to things modern, are only 150 steps. Which is precisely the amount of steps it will take one to get to the Vilnius Contemporary Art Center (CAC).

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