Open Air Museum of the Center of Europe

Address: Europos parkas g 300 Joneikiškių k, 15148

Some are fascinated by nature, some by art, and others are into the history of cities. And we have a place that would please them all! A mere 19 kilometers away from the center of Vilnius, you will find yourself in a stunning landscape that hosts over a hundred exhibits by artists from across the globe. You can even find the largest artwork made of television screens in the world, that was registered within the Guinness World Records. Worth a record is even the very fact that it is rather likely the only case, where television encourages people to leave home and take a walk in nature. We will not go too far in praising this park, as others have already done it for us. British daily paper, The Independent, has listed Europos Parkas within its most impressive world museums top fifty. OK, let’s stop and think about it for a moment. If Lithuania has 105 museums, how many are there in the world? The whole world? And Europos Parkas makes it to the top 50! And if this “tiny” acknowledgment has not yet convinced you to visit, we will add that the international travel album Destination Art has claimed it to be the most unique site in Lithuania, and hence a reason why you should visit. That’s that. Let’s meet there and break the daily step record.

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