Have you ever heard of Medininkai? No? Strange, it very much flourished in the past. In the XIV c., it was not only one of the biggest Lithuanian cities, but also the center of defense. It was then that the defensive stone castle was built. Made up of 4 towers, a 15 meter tall wall and defensive ditches, it is to date the largest enclosure-type castle by perime-ter in Lithuania, Poland and Belarus. Today, visitors are welcomed by remains of the wall and a rebuilt main tower, the donjon. Nothing special, I hear you say? Have witnessed a lot bigger castles elsewhere in Europe? Wait till you get here! Inside the castle courtyard, regular knight-training drills are held, and during events, you will have the opportunity to observe medieval dance and combat, experience making pottery and firing it in a special oven, try archery and other medieval pastimes. Alright, we know not everyone plans their trips in advance. If you are one of those “what shall we do today? ” kind of tourists, who will not Google event schedules, there are other great reasons to visit Medininkai, in-cluding its exceptionally clean air and the two highest points in Lithuania- Aukštojas and Juozapinė Hills- in close prox-imity to the castle.

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