Kernavė Archaeological Site

Address: Kerniaus g. 4A, Kernavė 19172

© Kernavė Archaeological and Historical Museum

The five impressive Kernavė hills are one of the largest archaeological expositions in the open air, full of historical finds. Ironically, it is located on a relatively small 194 hectare piece of land, where the abundance of cultural values remains. The landscape formed in the course of history, is a testimony to the cultures that have existed in this area throughout 11 thousand years – from the late Paleolithic times (IXc. B.C.) to the present day. Sometimes flourishing and sometimes slow, life in the area has never ceased. The Kernavė Archeological Site, with its remaining artifacts that reflect the lifestyle of the last Pagan state in Europe is also unique in the way that its burial grounds and other archaeo-logical finds confirm the juncture and coexistence of Pagan and Christian cultures. True, part of the story still looms beneath our feet, so if you wish to see it up closer, head towards the Kernavė Archeological Site Museum, located 800 steps away.

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