Kernavė Archeological Site Museum

Address: Kerniaus g. 4A, Kernavė 19172

Today, the Kernavė Archaeological Site Museum takes you to the distant past of Kernavė, just like a time machine. Here you can see how the territory looked when the glaciers had drifted away, when the first hunters arrived, when settlers started to engage in farming or at the time of development during the Middle Ages. The history of the area is told by recreating images of Kernavė at different points in time on special screens. Right here, under the screens, are also displayed the most important archaeological finds reflecting the different periods. Curious explorers can under-stand the mysteries of Kernavė even better by themselves finding historical objects, investigating the archaeological excavations and observing the whole process of archeological research through touchscreens- from the removal of turf to restoration of the findings. You will also see real photographs from the excavations carried out here. Kernave’s story also comes alive through games that tell about events over the passing of centuries. Here, past discoveries are comple-mented by modern technology, making it easy to wander through history. Do archaeological findings bring you a pleasant thrill of discovery? Visit the “Live Archeology Days in Kernavė” at the beginning of July, which take place just a couple hundred steps away from the Kernavė Archaeological Site Museum.

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