Literatų Street Project (Literatų Wall)

Address: Literatų g., Vilnius 01125

Descending down Piles street towards the Cathedral, take a turn right into the narrow and peaceful Literatų street. In the past, you would not have met a single person, and there was nothing really to be found here but bare building walls. Today they contain 225 artistic tributes to writers of different periods in time. This is a continuing project, where artists participate as volunteers, and therefore amidst those better known, you will also find works of many young creatives, who wished to immortalize their favorite writers. Initially, this place was dedicated to Lithuanian poets, but later, it expanded in scale and the wall became a reflection of all kinds of writers across the world. Try and spot a tribute to your favorite author. Did not manage to locate it? Don’t worry. It is very likely that you will see one upon your next visit. After all, there still is space on the wall and it is being constantly renewed. Most of the pieces are small in format and two-dimensional- from miniature paintings to ceramics and metal plates- capturing representative images, lines, quotations and replicas. Either way, you are sure to find the wall impressive, if you can get past the modest scale of works that emerge from the otherwise flat surface. In a mood for art today? There are more curiosities to be found at the Vilnius University. 700 steps will get you there.

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