Kalnai Park

Address: Kalnai Park

“Kalnai” means mountains or hills in Lithuanian, which would tell you what kind of a place to expect. However, we do not have mountains, so think the latter. Just around the corner from the Old Town, lies a park where you will discover the most famous hills of the capital: The Hill of Three Crosses, Gediminas Castle Hill, the Table Hill and Bekesh Hill. How does one tell them apart? That’s an easy one! The Hill of Three Crosses, believe it or not, boasts three crosses. Atop Gediminas Castle Hill, stands the only remaining tower. And the Table Hill is as flat and smooth as a tabletop. Which makes the fourth one Bekesh Hill. Voila. Now try and locate a stage that hides behind the Three Crosses monument. Many concerts and events take place here. Although it is just as great during the normal days. At the time of sunrise or in the evening, when the city lights up, a stunning city panorama opens up. Have a thing for city panoramas? Then you must visit all of the hills and admire Vilnius from above: the vibrant rooftops of the Old Town’s low-rise buildings, forests that adorn and encircle the city, and the rivers that playfully flow throughout it. You are looking right at the heart of the Lithuanian capital, pulsating with life, and yet stand in the midst of nature- precisely this is the true magic of Vilnius. With no better place to capture it, than Kalnai Park. And we promise you will not feel obliged to count steps here, as feet will carry you from one panorama to another themselves.

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