John Lennon Memorial

Address: Mindaugo g. 27, Vilnius 03211

„All you need is love“… We bet that reading these words, you could not resist and started humming them in your mind. We do not blame you, no one could. This universal message is part of the lyrics to the worldwide famous Beatles song. Are you now wondering why you are reading about the British pop stars while on a trip to Vilnius? Because we have a John Lennon Memorial here. We will skip ahead and tell you that he does not hail from Lithuania and has never been to Vilnius. But do you have to be from a city to have an influence on it? The citizens of Vilnius do not think so. Hence why, on a granite column rests a bronze sculpture depicting the musicians face, one eye covered by a flower petal. This is how Lennon was captured in a photograph taken by his friend, Robert Whitaker. The sculpture was a note to our-selves that we are becoming more open to the modern world. As well as a message to the world, that Vilnius is a cos-mopolitan city, where artists are free to realize their ideas, because we will always find space for symbols of im-portance. Moreover, John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono belonged to the Fluxus movement, the originator of which was no other but the Lithuanian Jurgis Mačiūnas. But of course, the citizens of Vilnius are inspired not just by famous international folks, but also by the citizens of Vilnius themselves. A sculpture dedicated to a Vilnius doctor that became the prototype to the famous Doctor Aybolit character, is found within 1300 steps.

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