Dūkšta Walking Trail at Neris Regional Park

Address: Vilniaus gatvė 3, Dūkštos, Vilniaus rajonas

To see what you can not see anywhere else in the country- head to Dūkšta river. Here, along the only mountain river in Lithuania there is a picturesque hiking trail. Start your walk by the remnants of the Bradeliškės water mill, built at the beginning of the XXc. Take in the spectacular scenery walking along the banks and slopes of the gushing river. In the middle of the path, past the pagan rite sites that speak of their times, you get to the observation tower, from which you will be able to see a wonderful panorama of the Neris and Dūkšta confluence. On the way back, you will pass an impressive wide-trunk oak tree. The three-hundred-year-old tree notes the times and greatness of the former Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Back then, the grove of these majestic trees symbolizing strength, stretched for a whole few dozen kilometers. Now, a single 5 meter wide and 28 meters high oak tree remain. However, at the end of of your hike, you will find a whole new grove of younger oaks, on the other side of the Kernavė-Vilnius road. So, if you feel like some more nature after the journey along the mountain river- head over to the Dūkštos Oak Grove.

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