Church of the Holy Spirit

Address: Dominikonų g. 8, Vilnius 01131

Don’t judge a book by its cover! Church of the Holy Spirit, or simply the Dominican church, does not stand out much looking from the outside. But inside… it is a whole different story. Dozens of coats of arms, mural boasting walls, six-teen altars, spectacular organs- and you find yourself in one of the most gorgeous late mature baroque churches in Vilnius. Take a good look inside- the rococo ornamental interior here is held to be one of the most valuable of all Lith-uanian churches. If you happen to visit during mass- take a good listen. Until this day, the mass is held in Polish, since this is home to the Polish Catholic community. Descending into the basement, you will find it houses human remains, those of war and epidemic victims. During an inspection of the site, 23 mummies were found of men, women and chil-dren. And were you to travel back in time to 1993, you could run into Pope John Paul II, who came here during his visit to Lithuania then. Like this kind of time travel? Then you will like the Kernavė Archeological Site Museum, too. You will find plenty of history to wander through there.

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