Amber Museum - Gallery

Address: Šv. Mykolo g. 8, Vilnius 01124

Do you remember the “Jurassic Park’’ scene (for those too young to remember, we recommend at least googling the film- a true cinema classic), where a mosquito found inside amber brings dinosaurs back to life? If so, you will be in for a treat inside this museum- a spitting image of a mosquito perched in amber. And this is only a fraction of things to be seen. On a visit here, you will be able to not just look around a medley of impressive miracles of nature, but also get acquainted with the amber formation process, its cultivation and treatment techniques, get to touch genuine amber, and learn how to tell it apart from fake. You can even sample a special drink containing amber! Here, imagination will not only take you back into the Jurassic period, but also Lithuania’s past- inside the museum, you can learn about amber’s role within old pagan rituals and its symbolic meanings. The Amber Museum Gallery is located within the heart of the city, in the eye-pleasing, history breathing Old Town. Many places of interest are within easy reach from here. For example, taking 1900 steps will bring you to the Hill of Three Crosses.

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