Church Heritage Museum

Address: Šv. Mykolo g. 9, Vilnius 01124

Religion is not just about stories of saints. Faith intertwines with the traditions and events of the nation, therefore, the history of the country is likewise evident in houses of prayer. So what do the Lithuanian churches have to tell us? What kind of people have they been looking after throughout centuries? What personalities have lain for eternal rest in their crypts? What dishes were used for rites throughout different times? After all, it is interesting to see how the appearance of God’s servants and the gifts people gave to the church have been changing along the way, right? The exhibits of the Church Heritage Museum are collected from various churches in Lithuania, so you will find many curious things here. Here are kept the treasures of the Cathedral, that were once thought to be lost, while later found entombed in a cavern. And who’s not interested in having a glance at treasure? Lovers of history would most likely get butterflies in their stomach investigating the relics, paintings and documents that speak of the spread of cult and the religious and political exchanges. And the great thing is, that those who register in advance, will not only be able to roam the museum located within St. Michael’s church, but also the Vilnius Cathedral Crypts, getting to know the history of old Vilnius alongside its legends and myths up close.

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