The Spring Equinox Ceremony

Mar 20

Spring equinox is the time of year when the day becomes equal to the night. Following it, days become longer, and we get increasingly more warmth and sunshine. In general, the astronomical equinox is just a momentary event when the center of the Sun’s disc crosses the celestial equator, so there is never actually a precise point of night and day equality. However, there is a wonderful Spring Equinox Ceremony to behold. Vilnius has a tradition of awakening spring- there-fore each year it invites you to help encourage the nature to wake up as well as free yourselves from the sting of winter. During this celebration, we decorate the city and the riverbanks around royal Mindaugas bridge with a fusion of music and fire. Various traditional Baltic symbols are composed using candles and fire installations, to represent iron shrines and monuments, sun wheels, brass jewelry, spindles and ornaments of Easter eggs. Then, accompanied by traditional music, the symbols are set on fire. If you are visiting Vilnius around this time, be sure to visit the festival, and help awaken the twilight and spring. Did you come during summer? Meet the shortest night of the year at the Saint Jonas’ Festival (Joninės) at Verkiai Park. To the sound of traditional rhythms here, you will be sure to stomp around more steps than expected.

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