The celebration and traditions of Užgavėnės

Feb 25

Žiema, žiema, bėk iš kiemo! (winter, winter, run out of the yard!). This is a phrase that we traditionally chant when chasing out the cold season, and you are 100 percent sure to memorize it during the Užgavėnės celebration. In addi-tion, you will find people in costume nagging for pancakes with no hesitation, and selling winter at a great discount. Do not fear the cold! Hot teas, bonfires, going wild and dancing will keep you warm. Extremely fiery is the annual battle of the skinny Kanapinis, a symbol of spring, and the fat Lašininis, a symbol of winter’s domination. And when that is over, do not rush home just yet. Užgavėnės would not be complete without feasting on pancakes, porridge and meat dishes or the burning ritual of Morė. It is believed that the burning down of this artificial female figure stuffed with var-ious materials cleanses people from disasters, anger and other unpleasantries. Užgavėnės is a great opportunity to let yourself go wild in a friendly crowd and get some cheerful laughs. It is our special invite to become part of the Vilnius community, even just for a little while. We anticipate the devils, the bears, the reapers, the billy-goats, the doctors, the beggars, the strangers of far lands and all the other jolly folks in costume. Do you think you have clocked up plenty of steps during the festivities? Get your feet ready for more and meet us at the Song Festival (Dainų Šventė) during sum-mer.

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