Lithuanian Easter Traditions

Apr 01 - Apr 13

What comes to mind, reading the word ‘Easter’? Chocolate eggs? Easter rabbits? Maybe spring? Although all of these are an integral part of the holiday, Easter has a lot more shades to it. For example, in our country, we start commemo-rating it a week before. It is a big day on the Sunday before Easter, also known as Palm Sunday. On that day, we make easter palms, known as verbos in Lithuanian, from juniper, dried and freshly sprouted leaves and flowers. During East-er Sunday, we paint eggs with our family. There are quite a few traditional, yet popular up-to-date, methods. We can ornament them with wax, paint over and then remove the wax. A variety of motifs can be created this way. We can also cook the eggs wrapped in onion skins, tree bark, or other plants that leave the eggs colored and patterned. At the festive table, the toughness of Easter eggs is put to the test: two family members pick up an egg each and, holding firm-ly, hit them off each other. The one with an egg intact, wins. We also roll Easter eggs. The ones that aren’t broken, of course! The aim is to have an egg roll as far as possible, using a special wooden or metal slide. It’s believed that the owner of the furthest rolled egg will have a great year. Want to see the biggest Easter egg in Lithuania? Head toward its sculpture, located on Šv. Stepono Street. From here on to the Angel that hatched from it- 1700 steps.

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