Vilnius Picture Gallery

Address: Didžioji g. 4, Vilnius 01128

We heard the snobs saying that you must only look at paintings from a distance and only within a minimalistic space. But there are no rules without exception! And the exception to this rule is Vilnius Picture Gallery. It allows you to not only appreciate the beauty of works, but also feel like you personally step into the homes of noblemen of the past, boasting impressive late classicism interiors and top works of art. You see, the gallery is located at no other than the Chodkiewicz Estate. Through the permanent exposition here, you can thoroughly and in detail, get to know the development of Lithuanian art from the XVI c. to the beginning of XXc. The gallery also constantly holds other exhibitions, cultural evenings and classical music concerts. Reassess if the noblemen lifestyle would really have suited you, while walking around the palace halls, discussing the hanging paintings of local artists. Visual arts make your heart beat faster? We very much understand you! Therefore, we have already planned the next stop – Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center. 700 steps, and you are there.

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