Vilnius City Fiesta

Aug 30 - Sep 01

The first weekend of September is extremely special for Vilnius. During this time the capital commemorates its own days. Accordingly, with the name meaning “Days of the Capital”, Sostinės Dienos culture festival attracts to the main city streets not only the residents of Vilnius, but also the new inhabitants of the city, such as students from other cities. Well, ok, the festival is so popular that people come to Vilnius for the weekend solely because of it. The celebration is known as the largest city festival, with more than 70 performers appearing on four stages, and many artists and food producers, who present their products around fairs of fine taste and design. Moreover, visitors can discover various unexpected entertainment at the festival, too. If you want to get to know the true spirit of Vilnius and witness the diver-sity of customs and people here, you should plan your trip to the capital for early September. In addition, get yourself a pedometer- it is highly likely that walking up and down the central city street, Gediminas Avenue, you will exceed the usual count of daily steps.

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