“Loftas Fest” Urban Festival

Sep 13 - Sep 15

For two days and nights in September, an industrial district of former and still operating factories, comes alive and treats its visitors to music, modern art and delicious street food. This is not a description of a weekend in some fashionable Berlin area, but impressions left by Loftas Fest Urban Festival in the New Town of Vilnius. The most significant and outstanding bands of modern music, inspiring street art drawings and a continuous party pulse- is what thousands of young people annually gather for in Vilnius after the summer. During the history of the festival that has been going on since 2012, its organizers have remained open to even the most unusual ideas. For example, being allowed to stay at the festival for the whole weekend, by simply laying your sleeping bag across one of the factory floors. If you want to feel the spirit of the new Vilnius and be amazed at its urban rhythms, dedicate the first weekend of September to music. Here, walking from stage to stage, you will definitely make few of the determined thousands of daily steps.

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