Street Music Day

May 18

The sign that spring has truly come to Vilnius, is all possible rhythms and genres of music flooding the city streets on the third Saturday of May. This Saturday, both amateur musicians and professionals, residents of the city and citizens of the world, present their work directly to the public. Street Music Day, born in 2007, still keeps growing! In the courtyards pulsating with life and the squares and alleys of the Lithuanian Capital, you can discover new sounds as well as see already familiar performers in a different environment. In preparation, we half-jokingly advise you go on a musical diet and spend a few days in silence before the trip. And when you are ready to dive into a musical odyssey, one should remember to not only make a plan of preferences (since it is simply impossible to hear it all), but also swing by some of the cozy outdoor cafes, as the steps you take around the Vilnius Old Town streets will exceed the hundreds and thousands.

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