St. Kazimir’s Fair (Kaziuko Mugė)

Mar 06 - Mar 08

If you had to choose a weekend in early spring to visit Vilnius, come during the St. Kazimir’s Fair. During this time, you will have the chance to not only walk around the city, but also hear it, taste it and breath it. The fair is held within the very heart of the city. Hundreds of craftsmen, farmers and various food manufacturers set up stalls along Gediminas Avenue. There you can find EVERYTHING, literally EVERYTHING. Everything sound like a little too much? We do have a top five. You have not been to the St. Kazimir’s Fair, if you have returned without pretzels (riestainiai). And those with a sweet tooth, must try meduoliai- traditional honey and gingerbread cookies. You will find these in all shapes and forms, but the two have-to-get ones would be those with a name or custom note written in icing and those mushroom shaped. You can buy honey anywhere anytime, though here the selection is so wide, that you are guaran-teed to find a favorite: linden, raspberry, buckwheat, containing nuts, berries and even chocolate! As with the pretzels, you must not leave St. Kazimir’s Fair without a verba- a traditional cylindrical arrangement of dried flowers. Even if you are not catholic, it is a great hand-made souvenir. Looking for something a little more flight friendly? Go for wool mittens or apple cheese- a sweet delicatessen. We will be honest, the very residents of Vilnius laugh at the abundance of big and small wooden spoons available, but they have been here since the very first fair, and will be till the last. As you step into the St. Kazimir’s Fair in the beginning of March, make sure to listen to the sounds of folk songs, sample tradi-tional food, breath in scents of freshly baked goods and gather your souvenirs.

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