St. Bartholomew’s Fair

Aug 24

Interested in a little trip to the old days? While, being honest, you do not want to give up modern amenities like a show-er, electricity and your phone? We have just the right time machine! Head for the St. Bartholomew Fair in August, hus-tling and bustling around the squares of Vilnius. You will enter a city of late medieval and Renaissance periods, where a celebration of traditional arts, crafts and workshops takes place. Right before your eyes will be lots of craftwork for sale, or you can taste the feeling of being a craftsman yourself by having a go at making some ceramics using a pot-tery wheel, spinning threads, weaving or striking yourself a coin. You will not have to get into costume, but will be sure to see some. And not just on the street, but also in plays written in accordance to the traditions of the periods in ques-tion. And what would the Middle Ages be without combat and jesters? At the fair, you will get to see antique weapons, and try out medieval bows and shooters. While surrounded by colorful artists, juggling and showing off a variety of tricks, always providing a good dose of laughter. Like fairs? Then come back in spring, at the time of St. Casimir’s Fair (Kaziuko mugė)- the biggest in central Vilnius. You will be guaranteed to clock up a good few thousand steps around it.

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