Rasos Festival at Verkiai Park

Jun 21

Have you ever seen fairies dancing on morning dew covered grass? Or a river glimmering with flames? Perhaps you have tried  seeking the fern flower or using herbs to read the future? No, we are not talking about scenes in a fantasy movie. See it all at the Saint Jonas’ Festival. On the longest day of the year, adorn yourself in wreaths and head to the linden scented Verkiai Park. Here you will be able to dance around the bonfire, and those more daring- over some! The locals will offer you some traditional herbal tea, and may even explain how to learn about your destiny by picking certain herbs on this magical night. When it comes to spells and superstitions, seeking the fern flower is probably the main and best known ritual to this day. It was thought that a person who managed to discover a fern flower would become psychic- be able to read thoughts of others, understand animals, and that these abilities would bring about wealth and happiness. Would like some quiet time after the wild celebration? Get to know a different side to Vilnius by taking a walk in the Bernardine Cemetery, located inside the city.


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