International Vilnius Mama Jazz Festival

Nov 13 - Nov 17

Autumn in Vilnius is the time for jazz. So if you like this music and come to Vilnius in October or November, you are likely to become a visitor of a jazz festival. As the winter approaches, annual Vilnius Mama Jazz concerts await listeners. Yes, here in the Lithuanian capital, jazz has a mother! The festival, that nurtures and fosters Lithuanian jazz culture, was named after the nickname of a jazz enthusiast who started it. Its stages host the most interesting and successful projects of this music in Lithuania. Worthy of memorable stories and even legends are the festival’s jam sessions, where musicians have been known to get so immersed in improvisations, that they would often only split in the morning. So, if you want to dive into a complete jazz frenzy, circle mid-November in your schedule. And if you wish to enjoy a good movie before the concert, know that the festival venues are merely about 800 steps away from the Lithuanian National Drama Theater and Pasakos Cinema, which host the Scanorama Film Festival around the same time.

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