International Folklore Festival “Skamba skamba kankliai“

May 21 - May 26

There is time and place for everything. And the most suitable for folk music in Vilnius is the last weekend of May! Then, the festival “Skamba skamba kankliai” traditionally invites all to listen to some special old Lithuanian folk multi-vocal songs. 2, 3, 4 musicians or even groups perform at once, resulting in a fusion of not just melodies, but lyrics, too. And there is lots more to listen to. Going from one festival to event to another, you are always sure to discover something new: Children’s Folklore Day, a singalong evening, night dances, psalm performing villagers and various other concerts, events and workshops. Being one of the few authentic folk music festivals in Europe, it has also shaped the movement of Lithuanian ethnic music, managing to erase not only the boundaries of countries, but also ages. The festival brings together children and the elderly, with performers from all over the world taking part. Hence it is safe to say, that during the festival Vilnius becomes an epicenter of folk music. Did you know that we are also the Geographical Center of Europe? It’s true! 200 steps will be sufficient to look around its territory.

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