International festival „Vilnius Jazz“

Oct 16 - Oct 20

If Lithuanians could choose national modern music, they would most likely go for jazz. When it comes to naming the festivals of this genre of music that were, or still are, held in Lithuania, fingers on both of your hands would not be enough. One of the oldest jazz festivals in Lithuania, and indeed the oldest in Vilnius, is Vilnius Jazz, which has been taking place since 1988. Its story began a year before the greatest star of Lithuanian contemporary jazz, pianist Vyacheslav Ganelin, emigrated to Israel. If you have not yet heard of him- be sure to listen. His trio was there to satisfy the thirst of jazz fans in Vilnius for a whole 16 years, so when the group dissolved, there was a natural need to fill in the gap left behind. During the festivals that have been held so far, many virtuosos of improvisational music have visited our city. Worth a mention is the fact that even all members of the Japanese jazz elite have played here. After the concerts at the Russian Drama Theater, discuss your impressions while taking a walk around the Old Town of Vilnius- which is just 400 steps away.

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