“Art Vilnius” International Contemporary Art Fair

May 30 - Jun 01

20 thousand art lovers attending more than 60 art galleries that present their collections and artists in Lithuania. That’s Vilnius International Contemporary Art Fair “Art Vilnius” in a nutshell. This democratic art virus annually brings together the most interesting local and most daring foreign creators. Therefore, it is not surprising that the most various creative solutions find their place at the event. Some of them even overflow into the outdoors, where artists of different nationalities team up and together create a so-called ‘path’- a unique gallery of gigantic installations in the open air. At the beginning of the XXC., the famous Kazimir Malevich took part in Vilnius exhibitions. Who knows, maybe one of the participants of the current art fair will later become an artist no less world-renowned? 12 thousand square meters- that is enough space for both the most unexpected ideas and realizing the 10000 daily step goal.

Official Website of the Event

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