Ancient Crafts Days in Trakai

Aug 24 - Aug 25

You walk through the massive gate of the castle and find yourself amidst the hum of artisans. The potters invite you to mould clay. Jewelers and weavers offer their works. Sounds of clicking iron draw attention to the blacksmiths, and behind them – a bunch of other masters. An image worthy of the Robin Hood story opens up before your eyes. Wait a second! You have no need to try imagining this scenario. The top masters of ancient crafts, gather for real at Trakai castle, in order to showcase their techniques, share their works and teach others. Craftsmen’s cottage also has an ancient tavern, while the surrounding area hosts local and foreign merchants. This little town full of jesters, knights and craftsmen comes alive in Trakai every August. It is also the month, when the urban festival Loftas Fest, closes the festival season with a three-day party. So why not transport yourself to a modern dance floor after a walk in the Middle Ages?

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