Customs and traditions of Žolinės (or Assumption Day)

Aug 15

Ahh August… One of the warmest and most beautiful summer months, when the country’s weather delights with pleas-ant heat, fields are scented with flowers, and gardens boast fresh yield. It is then that we observe Žolinės – a magical celebration of fruition, abundance and harvest. In the pagan times, it was believed that the year will be rich and abun-dant for those who come to thank the Earth on this day. Though even if you do not believe in superstitions, we rec-ommend that you hurry, on the 15th of August, to get acquainted with the customs and traditions of Žolinės. It is a national holiday in Lithuania, and so you will find plenty of people and events in Vilnius and its suburbs. Join the locals and take part in free sightseeing tours, concerts, herb gatherings or even barefoot running. You can also visit the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, or another house of prayer, alongside crowds of Vilnius citizens and get your herb bouquet blessed. Enjoyed the celebration so much that you are already dreaming of the next nature trip? Visit the Botanical Garden of Vilnius University (Kairėnai Botanical Garden). You can not get there by foot, but there will be many walks, as well as great pictures, to be taken within it.

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