Peasant Culinary Traditions

May 01 - May 30

No travel is complete without sampling local food. And Vilnius is the perfect spot for traveling through tastes! Have breakfast as noblemen, and lunch as peasants. What’s in the Lithuanian lunch menu? We have many deep-rooted smoked food traditions, using different types of wood and slow-smoking methods. Try the sausages, skilandis, salo, fish and many other smoked products. It is true that peasants were busy people who had little time to cook. But what do you do when there are no fast food restaurants or home delivery? Prepare your reserves! We, Lithuanians, are true professionals here. Do not miss out, either, on cheeses and other dairy products as well as the various rolled meats. Feeling brave? We challenge you to taste the unusual looking: a jelly-like meat product- šaltiena, or an incredibly pink cold beetroot soup- šaltibarščiai. Not as adventurous? No worries. Choose from meat and grain dishes, or potato recipes that date back to the 19th century- such as the beloved cepelinai (large boiled potato dumplings with a ground pork filling), vėdarai (potato stuffed sausages), small potato dumplings known as švilpikai (whistlers), traditional potato pancakes, or those stuffed with meat – known locally as žemaičių blynai. Yes, we have truly grown to love potatoes. If you, too, are a fan- dig in. If not, go for varškėčiai- delicious fluffy cottage cheese pancakes. Or buckwheat pancakes. The list goes on and on, so you will not be running out of options. And once you feel like you need a break from eating, take a walk towards… a food monument. If you are in the center of the city, it won’t take many steps to get to the Easter Egg Sculpture (Margutis), also known simply as Kiaušinis (The Egg) to the locals.

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