Medininkai Castle Games at Medininkai Castle

Jun 15 - Jun 16

“All for one and one for all”, devotedly believed the three Musketeers. Well, gently put, Medininkai would have been tough for them. Every year, on the last weekend of September, a unique event is held here- Medininkai Castle Games. And the one rule is, that only the strongest, fastest and most efficient knights win. Over these days, the castle appears to come alive – knights, craftsmen, artists and guests from Lithuania and its neighboring countries. Great events and games await them all. In the knight-games, live history clubs put up true medieval battles. Don’t be shy- join them: try archery, pick up a sword and try on the armor. A tavern is usually opened especially for these games, too. It offers visitors the opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate, while the unique atmosphere is created by sounds of ancient music alongside ritual hymns sung and alms altars being set up outside. Knights make your heart beat faster? Be sure to visit Trakai, too. 90 steps over a wooden bridge and you are on an island pulsating with medieval times.

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