“Sirens” International Theater Festival

Sep 26 - Oct 13

A festival of temptations, invitations and irresistible spells. That’s “Sirens”. The festival annually introduces both new theater names and renowned creators. Every year, viewers are offered a program that does not necessarily have com-fortable content, but always raises important issues and delights with its quality. Sirens was born out of cultural ambi-tions of the Vilnius city municipality and the prominent Lithuanian director, Oskaras Koršunovas, and today it brings together fans of artistically and idealistically courageous performances, as well as a large group of visitors from abroad. Here gather not only theater producers and art critics, but also young creatives looking for new ideas. Since 2004, Sirens has been carefully implementing its theater mission – with hottest modern issues reflected in the perfor-mances. So, if you find yourself in Vilnius at the end of September, when the city is getting drenched with rain, one of the most interesting ways to hide from it is to dedicate some evenings to performances. All theaters hosting the festival program are in the Old Town or the city center, so if you decide to devote your time to, for example, having a look around Vilnius churches instead of art, you can easily do so within just few steps.

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