International Nordic Cinema Festival “Scanorama“

Nov 07 - Nov 24

Merely saying that Lithuanians love cinema does not do it justice. This can be confirmed by the fact that whether you come to Vilnius in spring or autumn- there is going to be a cinema festival happening. So, if you did not make it to Cinema Spring- no problem, as once the summer is over and the chill starts creeping in, Scanorama will be here to round up lovers of film into cinema theaters, held since 2003. Need facts? Alright! For example, the 15th festival saw a total of 40,000 visitors. And the number is growing bigger each year! Join the flock of cinema fans and you may become one of a record crowd. The North European creators really do have something to offer. If you find yourself at a loss with names of filmmakers you have not yet heard of, local film connoisseurs will be there to help, by announcing the top tens to see in advance or through general willingness to share accurate insights. A large number of participating cinemas are located within or nearby the very heart of Vilnius Old Town. Hence, if after contemporary cinema you would like to immerse yourself in some classical music, it will not take long to get to the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society.

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